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Protect Your Profit Margins by Having a Professional Audit Service Completed

due-diligenceMost companies have an accountant or two within their own ranks and there’s a pretty solid reason why. These analytical workers spend countless hours pouring over vital reports in an effort to keep businesses in good financial standing. That said, even a highly trained CPA with the best of intentions can land a company in serious hot water when it comes to income tax compliance, risk assessment and/or fraud analytics.

One cannot take for granted how important it is for a company to observe regulatory fiscal reporting measures required by agencies like the IRS. The Internal Revenue Service is but one federal department to worry about in this regard, however.

The Department of Labor also has a number of reporting requirements, with documentation that must be filed annually, sometimes electronically. Providing essential reports to these governmental bodies is no small task and can be difficult for one person or small team to oversee.

GBC Audits of Atlanta provides pertinent Audit and Consulting Services that will assist you and your financial team when critical tax seasons or quarterly fiscal sessions arise.

GBC Audits of Atlanta service benefits also include, but aren’t limited to:

Fraud Prevention or Detection

No one wants to think about it, but fraud can and does occur, even in small to midsized companies. Problem is, if left unchecked, fraud can leave a company vulnerable to financial ruin. GBC Auditing Services provides an unbiased investigation platform that will ferret out potential theft or embezzlement.

Re-Assessing an Assessment

As they say, two heads are better than one! GBC Audits can act as a third eye by looking over urgent business analytics to glean their viability. We can also offer a second opinion regarding market strategies and budget expenditure. This advice is especially helpful if an accountant or financial team proposes an idea that leads to an IRS audit or other problematic results.

Budgets Optimization and Financial Planning

Whether you are looking to maximize employee benefit packages or monitoring your annual assets, timely audits can be critical to stabilizing budgets and protecting profit margins. GBC has the know-how and the tools to look over your company’s reports and see where problem areas lie. We can then redirect money and energy towards proven solutions that keep your company’s numbers in the black!

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