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We Keep You Government Compliant With Our Retirement Plan Audits

Retirement plan audit to prevent fraud.When it comes to employee benefit plans, the Department of Labor makes it clear that compliance is not only required, it is necessary. Employees have to be allowed access to retirement provisions and company funds have to be allocated for this.

The task can become daunting however, as a company attempts to factor in the countless financial aspects of running a corporation.
GBC Audit Services of Atlanta can help companies with the overwhelming task of addressing retirement options for employees. We can assist you in wading through the red tape of form 5500 filings as well, which are required by the Department of Labor and the IRS.

Filing 5500 Forms is Essential to Business Stability

The Department of Labor requires long and short form filing of pension and retirement benefits plans for company employees. This annual reporting aids the DOL in assessing a company’s legal responsibilities in regards to The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA).

Our trained league of professional auditors will focus detailed attention on your employees retirement benefits package to ensure your company is falling within the realm of federal guidelines.

Electronic Filing Assistance

As of 2010, annual 5500 reports are to be filed electronically (this includes short form reports, Small Employee Benefits Plans and all required attachments.) What one should and should not include on such returns can be rather confusing. Sadly, one small mistake can end up tying your accounting department up in red tape for months.

GBC Audits knowledgeable team of CPA’s can do the filing for you. We understand what forms are necessary to complete the report and will make sure all proper records are disclosed.

Legal Interpretations and Changes

checklistCompanies must remain in the know when it comes to what the IRS and Department of Labor requires in order to remain ERISA compliant. Still, with so much to do on any given day, even the most fastidious business owner may not be current on national or local amendments.

GBC Audits of Atlanta knows that it is near impossible to stay up to speed with every aspect of governmental requirements, especially in regards to employee retirement packages. We also understand that ignorance of what the law requires is not a option.

Keep your company on sound economic footing by utilizing an expert league of accounting professionals who know what the prevailing governmental standards are. Call or contact GBC Audits today to learn how we may assist you in your retirement plan auditing needs.