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GBC Audit Services Privacy Policy

privacyEven a long standing business with a stellar reputation can go through hard financial cycles. That said, it can still shake consumer and merchant confidence should they learn about a company’s economic woes. Corporations with shareholders could also fare poorly in situations of monetary distress, especially if the downturn appears to be sudden or tremendous. In the wrong hands, this kind of information can cause a market upset that would topple a growing business.

At GBC Audits, we understand that financial issues come with the territory of running a business. To that end, critical fiscal information and reports should always remain confidential.

Sensitive Data Remains Secure

GBC Auditors and CPA’s are well versed in the legal code of ethics that govern financial record keeping, documentation and reports. Access to essential archive information is restricted and only individuals assigned to your case will have permission to inspect files. When your business chooses GBC Audits of Atlanta as an independent assessor, you can rest assured that your corporate information will remain safe and sound.

Procedural and Technology Safeguards

Our CPA’s are certified and vetted, so you know your information lies in capable, trained hands. GBC’s skilled auditors also have the knowledge and know how to keep financial records from being illegally or fraudulently obtained. GBC Audits does this by utilizing a number of electronic and procedural failsafes that keep your precious information protected from would-be identity thieves or corporate pirates.

Protect Your Business Interests

gbc-audit-services-and-solutionsAll it takes is one bad rumor to ruin a small to midsized company’s chances of obtaining marketplace stability. Sadly, such rumors are often based partly in fact, which can make the situation worse. This is often the case when companies have financial issues or problems with the IRS.

These types of economic obstacles should remain between you and your accounting team.

When it comes to your all important financial records, make sure you choose a company that understands why these types of business ethics are necessary. Ensure that they’ve also taken steps to shield your private information so your business interests remain protected.

GBC Audits of Atlanta is just such a company. Call or email us today to learn more about the measures we utilize to shelter your personal records throughout our auditing process.